Gone One Night

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"Where justice is denied, where poverty is common, where ignorance prevails, and where any one is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."

Frederick Douglass was an American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman, 1860. 2nd November 2011.

Berns, a well built, man of perhaps mid-thirties or even mid-forties placed his phone on the table, the back of his lightly tanned, strong hands showing a henna tattoo of a skull, the skull with elaborate swirls, tiny hearts and clearly cracked teeth just visible under the cuff-linked white sleeve and its black dinner jacket.

"We made seventy million pounds in just two hours, and we didn't use any force or put any of our team at risk of imprisonment. Our usual business deals would take months or even years to put together to make this level of profit. Hell! If we we're dealing in drugs we'd take weeks to swing this amount of produce."

Mark smiled. Mark was a measured, strong but well-educated gentleman who'd risen to prominence within the ancient de Maloy foundation. At forty years he had become a right hand man; a man to rely upon, resolve problems and enforce matters. Smartly dressed, he leant back in the comfy white sofa, glancing at the phone screen before lifting a whiskey glass from the smooth glass and drift wood fashioned table. He momentarily gazed across the wide living room, through the facing wide open double doors into the obscure beach, dark sea beyond, and in to the moonlit night. As he thought, the soothing gentle crashing of waves could be heard through the open doors, contrasting with the street noise and uproar of a festival taking place on the other side of the villa.

"Mark, similar banking systems in other parts of the world have these weaknesses. Call it an exploit or vulnerability but these are opportunities." Berns picked up his phone and slid it back in his pocket as his girlfriend breezed past the men and headed upstairs to continue to get ready. Her dress had the qualities of any Versace dress, slim and revealing but on this occasion ripped gently and lightly dusted with cobwebs.

"Won't be long; just one more skull on my cheek to draw. Then I'll get my clutch bag and we're ready to go." She called on her passing explaining in English with a gentle hint of a Spanish accent.

As always Bern's girlfriends had one thing in common smiled Jason; always pretty, usually flawlessly dressed but always expensive. This 'latest' girlfriend was recruited from an IT company very quickly and recently put up for sale by its founders in Barcelona, Spain ,and instantly bought at an undisclosed but unusually low price by a company owned by Mark.

"There's one guy I love; he's a US national - he once stole so much money online that he whined when he had to count four hundred, thousand dollars by hand to pay for his birthday party when his counting machine broke. His four Ferraris three Aston Martins, and a Lamborghini he forgot he owned and left at an airport in Texas for three months, gave the game away. Despite breaking into the FBI and countless banks he was caught -."

"We have a better team," interrupted Berns, "And we've based them where no law for this sort of thing exists and where no prosecution by any government will ever be enforced. Besides our new guys are masters at covering their digital footprints. Anyone who even remotely knows our group exist will find the trail will dies at an empty table of some Wi-Fi enabled McDonalds or conclude at the desk top computer of some innocent victim in an office tower block on the other side of the world."

Mark looked around at the opulence of his friend and colleague's palatial villa. He studied, for a moment, the face of Berns, his slate blue eyes unwavering, the deep wrinkles of his forehead and solid jaw line. Berns didn't flinch.

  • Gone One Night

    Mowbray embraces the ultimate temptation between living the high life on ill-gotten gains and the risks of life beyond the law and murder. At what point do you sell your soul to become spectacularly rich? When do you stop gambling with your life?

    Death follows a centuries old, dark route to power as companies are destroyed, IT systems plundered, colleagues murdered, and big parties flourish amidst the supercars and yachts bought by the super wealthy.

    Based upon seven currently unsolved true-life murders and the deeds of two infamous computer fraudsters 'Gone One Night' charts the rise of a nobody to a millionaire somebody.

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