Gone One Night

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...I could hire others on the dark web – the growing part of the internet deemed unsuitable for general viewing and normal, peace time activities of citizens by governments – and recruit my own team of hackers. Payment would be a problem; I could use Bitcoin, a code based, virtual currency to pay my rogues but the steep rises and crazy, heart breaking falls randomly in the value of the currency wouldn't tempt the best to commit a crime? I also didn't know enough about Bitcoin to avoid a hacker being traced back to the real source of the money and me. I could talk about weaknesses in its 'blockchain' but you'd fall asleep.

I also couldn't trust a rogue bunch of criminals hired for money succeeding and then selling their stolen information and method of attack publicly to the highest bidders; probably other rival defence companies and alerting the whole Middle Eastern world to what was going on within their servers. I could pay a rogue employee in the defence company to turn traitor but it would take months to groom the target, and even then, trust and honour amongst thieves is fragile and illusive at best.

I needed a better plan if my company were to make untraceable money from this particular crime.

After a few drinks with Mila one night she mentioned how she'd like to see the Holy Lands; to go and see the places where Jesus was born, visit the Sea of Galilee, see the Roman ruins and Temples of the ancient and Biblical era. I didn't need asking twice; I'd get her occupied on a trip sightseeing and then suddenly announce that a client needed to see me, or in fact a more plausible one; that the foundation would need to see me for a few days. I'd then sit at bars and eateries near the defence company and see what I could collect from softer targets such as mobile phones, WIFIng, Bluetoothing and fake WIFI hotspots as office staff and, hopefully, developers as they surfed the internet at lunch at nearby cafes.

Mila needed little convincing of the merits of a visit to the Holy Lands. My company booked a first class flight with British Airways, selected a room in a five star luxury hotel and reserved us on a series of excursions that I would fail to attend but would ultimately keep Mila occupied whilst I tried to break into the defence company. The less people who knew what I was up to the better, and besides the company had legitimate clients to keep happy to so jet setting was no problem.

I found a subtle café from which to begin a physical search into the defence company. Once I had some access details or help collected from employees' phones and devices as they went about their journey to and from their work place I could head home and begin the real work of hacking remotely and safely away from the secret services, jurisdiction of Middle Eastern law enforcement or military cyber task forces.

I failed to understand the size of the company and the fact most of its IT infrastructure was even more heavily protected than any retailer or indeed a bank. It was defended by security in depth such as digital devices never leaving the defence contractors offices, firewalls that led to numerous 'honey pots' – fake networks that look like the real thing when you break in but are ultimately mountains of useless data, and air gapped devices – devices on a network with no actual link to networks or internet outside that group of devices. I'd seen the chinks in the armour of many devices and systems and exploited them as they came along.

I knew I'd simply 'disappear' if I messed this hack up. Plus there was millions of dollars to earn for those clients paying for my company's rogue services.

It was time to 'raise my game' I thought as I boarded a flight...

  • Gone One Night

    Mowbray embraces the ultimate temptation between living the high life on ill-gotten gains and the risks of life beyond the law and murder. At what point do you sell your soul to become spectacularly rich? When do you stop gambling with your life?

    Death follows a centuries old, dark route to power as companies are destroyed, IT systems plundered, colleagues murdered, and big parties flourish amidst the supercars and yachts bought by the super wealthy.

    Based upon seven currently unsolved true-life murders and the deeds of two infamous computer fraudsters 'Gone One Night' charts the rise of a nobody to a millionaire somebody.

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