Gone One Night

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..."Not now David," asked Mila quietly.

I looked at Richard.

He collected up an image of Helen as he passed yet another packing box and he sank into a big dustsheet covered sofa.

He looked forlornly, at the image of his girl.

"I suddenly feel really tired, like the world had drained me for everything I had. Helen was mugged. It was late at night and the streets were empty. Police say that she was run over because she was drunk and didn't see a car coming but I know better; it's not true. Helen was a party girl but never that drunk, and never in Dubai where it's a crime to be publicly drunk. She'd never be drunk and risk breaking the law or embarrassing the company.

In hospital, a nurse said that Helen claimed she was knocked over by a taxi. She said that Helen stated that when she hit the ground she lay looking at the taxi that ran her over. Helen said that the taxi started to reverse but then the crew of a delivery truck started yelling at the taxi and ran behind the taxi to tell the driver to stop. The taxi stopped and then drove off. The driver knew he'd hit her." Richard paused as he looked again at another image of the couple from a happier time, smiling and taken somewhere in the city.

"The taxi drove off. And the delivery truck called for an ambulance."

"That's awful." Responded Mila. She went over to put an arm around Richard. It was a final straw of affection that broke him with, his eyes filled up and he looked down at the floor.

"She died before the ambulance could get to the hospital. I never got chance to speak to Helen, never got chance to hold her hand or say goodbye or do anything to help her or... I should have met her but I was on a presentation in the morning."

I stepped back from Richard and Mila, and went to look out of the window. I could see the vastness of the blue sea stretching out far below and across Dubai's great, man-made structures in white concretes and glass which powerfully reflected the heat of the midday to create bright, awe inspiring temples to the gods of wealth.

Another death meant another huge payment was going somewhere or she'd outlived her usefulness I pondered.

  • Gone One Night

    Mowbray embraces the ultimate temptation between living the high life on ill-gotten gains and the risks of life beyond the law and murder. At what point do you sell your soul to become spectacularly rich? When do you stop gambling with your life?

    Death follows a centuries old, dark route to power as companies are destroyed, IT systems plundered, colleagues murdered, and big parties flourish amidst the supercars and yachts bought by the super wealthy.

    Based upon seven currently unsolved true-life murders and the deeds of two infamous computer fraudsters 'Gone One Night' charts the rise of a nobody to a millionaire somebody.

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